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gibbstony_athon's Journal

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The Gibbs/DiNozzo Creative Works 'athon
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The Gibbs/DiNozzo Creative Works 'Athon is all about promoting the Gibbs/DiNozzo love.


This is a periodic event during which the people who have signed up create icons, fiction, vids, wallpapers, art, and other creative works based on prompts assigned by the moderator.
Sign ups are currently closed and posting of responses is currently in progress.

This is not a forum for discussion, sharing of non-prompt-based works, fic searches, questions, etc.


This is a prompt based event, not an exchange. That means you'll receive two prompts (randomly assigned by the moderators) and it's up to you to create something (fic, icons, fanart, songvid, etc.) based on one or both of the prompts. It's up to you whether you want to make one response or more than one response.

Everyone will recieve two prompts. One of these will be a bit of poetry. The other will be the title of an episode from a series other than NCIS. The idea of the ep title is just to inspire you; you absolutely are not required to see the ep or even find out which series it's from. The words alone are your prompt, we just picked up titles because there are some very fun ones out there.

To participate, join the community and sign up by filling in the following form and posting it to this community.

LJ username:
E-mail address:
Are you willing to beta-read fic for another participant?:


Sign Ups Open: January 22nd, 2007

Sign Ups Close: February 19th, 2007

Response Posting Begins: April 2, 2006

Minimum Response Size:
Fiction: 1500 words
Icons: 10
Other fan art: One large or two to three small pieces
Songvids: 1.5 minutes

Maximum Response Size: None

Content Requirements: Aside from the minimum response size, the only content requirement is that the creative work must be about Gibbs and DiNozzo. Both slash and friendship fic are welcome, but it had to be about them. Threesomes are allowed, as long as Gibbs and Tony make up two thirds of the threesome.

Can you make more than one response? Absolutely! Make as many responses as you like, using one or the other or both of your prompts.

Do you have to sign up for a type (i.e., fic, icons, art, songvid) of response? Nope! You can make any kind of creative work you want, as long as it is inspired by one or both of your prompts.

Can you respond by making more than one type (i.e., icons and fic, or fic and a vid, or icons and other art) of creative work? Yes, but the minimums still hold. So if you wanted to make fic and icons, you'd have to make 10 icons and write a 1500 word fic.

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