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NCIS Slash Fic: My Kingdom

I've had a devil of a time getting my fic to post. The styling isn't right, too spacey. But...I got the first 2 chapters up and will add daily to it. LJ said my post was too large so I'm cutting it into sections. Enjoy!

Title: My Kingdom

Author: rose_malmaison



Rating: FRAO

Genre: Slash DiNozzo/Gibbs

Disclaimer: Borrowing the characters for further exploration.

Spoilers: Up to and including 3x24, Hiatus 2

Summary: This story interlaces Hiatus 1 and Hiatus 2 with Tony and Gibbs' relationship. Tony tries to get Gibbs to remember their relationship as he deals with the search for a terrorist.

Length: 24,000 words, 9 chapters

A/N: As usual one chapter became many. My first long NCIS fic. Comments and feedback appreciated. Thanks to my betas and especially to Mitch for his encouragement and help.

Challenge: Gibbs-Tony-Athon, August 2010

Prompt: from Tyleric 

I'd give a kingdom
For one more day as a king of your world

I'd give a kingdom, for one more day.

I'd give it all for a heart
if I was a King I would give away my kingdom

Treasures and crowns wouldn't mean a thing

If I only had a heart, if I only had a heart...

~Kingdom for a Heart, by Sonata Arctica
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